Parker Range Iron Ore Project

The Company completed a resource update for Mount Caudan. The resource contains two primary ore-types: a haematite – goethite Banded Iron Formation (BIF) and smaller component of secondary Canga and Detrital ore. All ore types have low levels of deleterious elements and are suitable for Direct Shipping Ore (DSO).

West Kalgoorlie Project

The Company controlled a substantial gold exploration and development portfolio in the Kunanalling, Ora Banda, Grants Patch, Carbine and Split Rocks regions, collectively known as the West Kalgoorlie project. These tenements covered approximately 533 square kilometres and contained mineral resources of 612,000 ounces of gold. 

Activities focussed on completing the approvals stage for commencement of mining of the Catherwood deposit and advancing exploration over known prospects. 

Drill programmes were completed on the Backflip prospect at Grants Patch, the Boundary and Carnage prospects in the Ora Banda Project Area and the Sabrina prospect and Picante deposit in the Kunanalling Project Area. The Backflip prospect represented a priority target for a significant high-grade resources amenable to mechanised underground mining.